Call for Proposals

The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) 
welcomes applications for support of activities in the mathematical sciences to 
occur after April 1, 2020. Details of these activities and of the submission process are given below. Generally, the deadline for submission is October 1, 2019, though events with small budgets are not subject to this deadline (see below). Proposals will be reviewed by the PIMS Scientific Review Panel (SRP) in late October, 2019, with awards announced by mid-December. Where appropriate, cost sharing is encouraged and can enhance the probability of success. Applicants are welcome to send proposal drafts, well in advance of the deadline, to the Deputy Director ( for feedback.

Types of activities supported:


PIMS supports a variety of meetings around North America 
and the Pacific Rim. These range from small one-day workshops to 
multi-week conferences involving hundreds of participants. Proposals for international summer schools to be held at PIMS sites ranging roughly from 5 days to one month are part of our ongoing commitment to training Highly Qualified Personnel (students and postdocs).

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Focus Periods are special opportunity events centering on current mathematical trends and collaborative prospects. They usually take place in the summer and vary in length depending on the discipline. Coordination/collaboration with other institutes is encouraged.


PIMS considers invitations for distinguished scientists to visit its 
member institutions for periods ranging from one week to a few months, and 
provides up to $5,000 CDN for each such visit. Distinguished visitors are 
expected to present several lectures at the PIMS host site; multi-site 
visitors are particularly encouraged.


PIMS encourages organizers of activities in statistics to also consider submitting proposals to CANSSI.


PIMS invites proposals to advance collaboration and the use of mathematics and statistics in industrial settings for innovation and technology development in Canada. These include joint academic/industrial conferences and workshops, industrial short courses, industrial problem solving workshops, job fairs, networking events and related to HQP development and training.



Activities with budgets under $5,000 CDN (such as seminars and short-term visitors) can be proposed at any time simply via an email to the Deputy Director ( and may be approved directly at the discretion of the Director and Deputy 


The Berkeley (California, USA) Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) is interested in partnering with other institutions to hold offsite summer graduate schools. Such MSRI-supported schools are meant for graduate students and last two weeks. If interested in partnering with MSRI for a summer school in 2021, please submit your proposal by October 15, 2019 to Please indicate that your proposal has also been submitted to PIMS. Proposals will be reviewed by MSRI’s Scientific Advisory Committee in November 2019.

If accepted​ (by both PIMS and MSRI)​, MSRI will provide local expenses for up to 20 students (chosen by MSRI from its 105 academic sponsor institutions), up to a maximum of $800 USD per student for full room and board. MSRI will also provide travel reimbursement directly to the students' sponsors. For more information on the format of preferred schools, as well as proposal guidelines, please see

For any additional information, please contact MSRI's program manager, Christine Marshall, If you would like to discuss a possible collaboration prior to submitting a proposal please contact MSRI's Deputy Director, Hélène Barcelo,

Submission Procedure:

CONTENT OF PROPOSALS - Conferences, Workshops, Summer Schools, Focus Periods and Distinguished Visitors

Proposals must be submitted through the PIMS application form. You will need to first create an account if you have not already done so. The application form asks applicants to enter basic information online and to attach a copy of a full proposal. The proposal should include the following information:

  1. Title of proposal.
  2. Organizer(s), including affiliation(s) of all investigators.
  3. Proposed location and dates.
  4. Summary of scientific and other objectives. This is limited to 100 words and should be suitable for use in public announcements.
  5. Intended audience (proposal should include provision for students, younger mathematicians, and outreach to women and underrepresented minorities as appropriate).
  6. List of participants (please indicate which participants have been invited, which have been confirmed and which will give talks).
  7. General comments. This section should contain history and possible future aspects, 
educational benefits, as well as any 
unusual features of the proposal.
  8. Itemized budget.
  9. Amount of funding requested from PIMS.
  10. Other sources of funding and cost-sharing support (both committed and anticipated).
  11. If your proposal is a follow-up or continuation of one that has previously been funded by PIMS (e.g. a recurring workshop, conference or seminar series), please attach a final report from the last proposal.


Equity Statement

Equity, diversity and inclusion are essential to academic excellence in the mathematical sciences. In addition to scientific merit, proposals will be considered on the basis of how well they promote equity, diversity and inclusion. We support an open and diverse community, which includes voices that have been underrepresented or discouraged. PIMS envisions a climate in which all participants are provided with the best possible conditions for learning and research. We strive to provide a supportive and safe environment that is dedicated to excellence, equity and mutual respect.