Code of Conduct

The PIMS Code of Conduct provides rules which we expect all organizers and participants of PIMS events to follow. These guidelines are designed to ensure that our events are as safe, welcoming and inclusive as possible. PIMS will not tolerate behaviour which causes or condones the discrimination, harassment or prejudice of another person or group of persons, and we reserve the right to restrict participation in our events both online and in-person.

PIMS Code of Conduct

We encourage all event organizers to circulate the following document with all participants at their events and to remind them that their participation is conditional on adherence to the PIMS code of conduct.



The PIMS Code of Conduct applies to all participants of PIMS events, including organizers and presenters/speakers. It applies to events and meetings hosted and/or sponsored (in part or solely) by PIMS, whether hosted in-person or online. Participants at PIMS sponsored events which take place at other facilities or institutions may be subject to the code of conduct of those premises in addition to the PIMS Code of Conduct.


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