2023 - PIMS Action on Climate Thematic Summer (PIMS-ACTS)


PIMS has designated summer of 2023 as the PIMS Action on Climate Summer (PIMS-ACTS). Through this program, we will be organizing a series of events with the aim of stimulating practical solutions from the mathematical sciences for the climate challenges we face.



Workshop on Forecasting and Mathematical Modeling for Renewable Energy and Public Panel Discussion on Climate Change

Organized by the PIMS Collaborative Research Group on Forecasting and Mathematical Modeling for Renewable Energy, this workshop brings together practitioners from mathematics, statistics, computer science, engineering, atmospheric sciences, and economics to showcase a wide spectrum of quantitative research problems to support the design and operation of wind and solar power systems and their integration to the power grid and electricity markets. Presentations cover a broad range of space and time scales, from individual wind turbine scale to provincial scale and from minutes to years.


FACTS Public Panel on Climate Change

We will be hosting a public panel discussion on the topic of "Tackling Climate Change and the Just Transition to Renewable Energy". This panel is part of a series of French-Ameri-Can Climate Panels (FACTS) on climate change that have been held throughout North America in the past decade. Jointly sponsored by PIMS and the French Embassy of Canada, this panel features a diverse group of eminent Canadian and French leaders representing climate science, renewable energy, economics, public policy, and Indigenous affairs.


Math to Power Industry 2023 (M2PI)

This year's edition of the popular M2PI program will have action on climate as its primary focus. M2PI is an ongoing PIMS program which seeks to prepare graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the mathematical and statistical sciences with the industry skills necessary for success in their careers.


PIMS CRG Summer School on Forecasting and Mathematical Modeling for Renewable Energy

As part of our CRG on Forecasting and Mathematical Modeling for Renewable Energy, PIMS is organizing a Summer School at the University of Calgary. The summer school will feature mini-courses on topics like spatio-temporal modeling and fluid dynamics, relevant to the next generation of scientists who will be working on the grand challenges facing us in climate science.