PIMS CRG Summer School on Forecasting and Mathematical Modeling for Renewable Energy

  • Start Date: 05/29/2023
  • End Date: 06/09/2023

University of Calgary


Wind and solar power are the primary sources of renewable energy, and both driven by the weather, hence stochastic and variable. To solve the grand challenges related to their optimal deployment requires an interdisciplinary approach combining expertise in mathematics, statistics, atmospheric sciences, fluid dynamics and power system engineering. In this summer school, the students will receive training in key methodologies for forecasting and mathematical modeling of renewables. We offer the following mini courses:




  • Spatio-temporal processes and forecasting
  • Atmosphere and fluid dynamics, part 1
  • Atmosphere and fluid dynamics, part 2 
  • Optimization for renewables



We will be hosting the students at U Calgary to enable in person peer to peer interaction to form a friendly and energetic atmosphere. There will be field
trips to a wind or solar farm and social events such as hikes and picnics.
Courses are designed and delivered by a team of instructors. All courses will have lecture and
exercise components. Some lectures will be delivered online; however, there will be an
instructor on site for each course to assist students during the exercise sessions which will take
place in person. Exercise components will include group projects and group presentations.


All lectures are open to public and will be made available online. Please register online. Participation in the exercise sessions require full time in person
attendance to the summer school and is subject to admission. Anyone who is currently enrolled
(or expect to be enrolled by September 2023) in a graduate program in an academic institution
is eligible to apply. While no prior background in renewable energy is required, the applicants
will be judged based on academic strength and research potential (or progress up to date) in
renewable energy. Applicants are required to submit a current curriculum vitae and a support
letter from a research supervisor. Please apply by April 10,  5 pm at Admission to the Summer School.



This event is part of the 2023 PIMS Action on Climate Thematic Summer (PIMS-ACTS).

Other Information: 

Download the Information booklet here.