Past Events at the University of Regina

The University of Regina PIMS site office is located in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Regina (Map | Contact).


Past Events

  • 29-Sep-11
  • 22-Jul-11
  • 23-Jul-11
  • 18-Jul-11
  • 21-Jul-11
  • 5-May-11

PIMS Distinguished Lecture Series: Peter Lancaster

Canonical Structures for Matrix Functions   more››

Scientific Event

  • 29-Apr-11
  • 2-May-11

5th Annual Meeting of the Prairie Network for Research in Mathematical Sciences

Combinatorics, Representation Theory, Algebraic Geometry, Fluid Mechanics, and Statistics.   more››

Scientific Event

  • 12-Nov-10

PIMS Distinguished Lecture Series: David Kerr (Texas A&M)

Entropy in Dynamics    more››

Scientific Event

  • 14-May-10
  • 17-May-10
  • 15-Mar-10

PIMS Distinguished Chair Lecture Series - Michael P. Lamoureux

Properties of Gabor Multipliers for Physical Modeling    Abstract:We present techniques developed for numerical modeling of wave propagation, and source-signature removal in seismic imaging, based on   more››

Scientific Event

  • 30-Oct-09

PIMS Distinguished Chair Lecture Series: The Language of Forms

A journey from the Mobius strip, though affine Kac-Moody and superconformal algebras, to children's drawings. Abstract: One of the most recurrent themes in both Physics and Mathematics, is the study and construction   more››

Scientific Event

  • 2-Oct-09

A Graph of Matrices

Scientific Event

  • 24-Aug-09

PIMS Distinguished Chair Lecture Series - Jianer Chen

Randomized Process of Small Unknowns and Implicitly Enforced Parameter Bounds: New Algorithmic Techniques for Parameterized Computation   Abstract: Parameterized algorithms have witnessed a tremendou   more››

Scientific Event

  • 26-May-09
  • 30-May-09

37th Canadian Operator Symposium

 37th Canadian Operator Symposium   more››

Scientific Event