Past Events at the University of Regina

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Past Events

  • 31-Jan-23

URegina Topology Seminar: Igor Sikora

RO(C_2)-graded coefficients of C_2-Eilenberg-MacLane spectra   more››

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  • 26-Jan-23

Prairie Mathematics Colloquium: Payman Eskandari

Periods in number theory and algebraic geometry   more››

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  • 24-Jan-23

URegina Topology Seminar: Martin Frankland

Introduction to the cobordism hypothesis   more››

Scientific Event

  • 5-Dec-22

URegina Topology Seminar: Manak Singh

The Grothendieck spectral sequence   more››

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  • 24-Nov-22

Prairie Mathematics Colloquium: Ebrahim Samei

Hermitian Groups are Amenable   more››

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  • 21-Nov-22

URegina Topology Seminar: Martin Frankland

The first few stable homotopy groups of spheres   more››

Scientific Event

  • 14-Nov-22

URegina Topology Seminar: Sarah Petersen

The RO(C2)-graded homology of C2-equivariant Eilenberg–MacLane spaces   more››

Scientific Event

  • 31-Oct-22

URegina Topology Seminar: Arnaud Ngopnang Ngompe

The Bockstein spectral sequence   more››

Scientific Event

  • 28-Oct-22

URegina-PIMS Distinguished Lecture: Alexander Kupers

Diffeomorphisms of discs   more››

Scientific Event

  • 17-Oct-22

URegina Topology Seminar: Masahiro Takeda

The Steenrod problem and some graded Stanley-Reisner rings   more››

Scientific Event

  • 14-Oct-22

URegina-PIMS Distinguished Lecture: Tatjana Miljkovic

An overview of the recent loss modeling approaches and their impact on risk measures   more››

Scientific Event

  • 19-Sep-22

URegina Topology Seminar: Sebastian Martensen

Triangulated categories and other n-angulations   more››

Scientific Event

  • 11-Feb-22

URegina-PIMS Distinguished Lecture: Stefaan Vaes

Classification questions in operator algebras and ergodic theory   more››

Scientific Event

  • 6-Mar-20

PIMS-URegina Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium: Eric Primozic

Applications of Steenrod operations to problems in algebra and algebraic geometry   more››

Scientific Event

  • 5-Mar-20

URegina - Topology & Algebra Seminar: Eric Primozic

Motivic Steenrod operations in characteristic p   more››

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  • 11-Dec-19

PIMS - URegina Topology Seminar: Apurva Nakade

An application of Gromov's h-principle to manifold calculus   more››

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  • 6-Jun-19
  • 3-Jun-19
  • 7-Jun-19
  • 22-Mar-19

PIMS-URegina Colloquium Series: Anna Cepek

An Approach to Knot Theory via Configuration Spaces   more››

Scientific Event

  • 21-Mar-19

Topology Seminar: Anna Cepek

Configuration Spaces of S^1 and R^n   more››

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