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The University of Calgary PIMS site office is located in the Mathematical Sciences Building at the University of Calgary (Map | Contact).

University of Calgary
Scientific, Colloquia
PIMS - UCalgary Invited Speaker Lecture: Chenkuan Li
July 29, 2024
University of Calgary
Using Banach’s contractive principle and Leray–Schauder’s fixed point theorem, we study the uniqueness and existence for a new nonlinear fractional differential equation with functional boundary condition based on the two-parameter Mittag-Leffler...
Industrial, Workshop
PIMS Industry Day
June 25, 2024
University of Calgary
M2PI matches graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with industry partners to engage in a two week long collaboration to solve an industrial mathematics challenge. M2PI participants gain valuable skills making them ready to work in non-academic...
Scientific, Seminar
UCalgary Peripatetic Seminar: Mishty Ray
May 10, 2024
University of Calgary
Local Arthur packets are sets of representations of p-adic groups that help us realize important classes of automorphic forms. They have geometric analogues, called ABV-packets. This was first proposed for p-adic groups by David Vogan following his...
Scientific, Seminar
UCalgary Peripatetic Seminar: Melika Norouzbeygi
May 3, 2024
University of Calgary
Overloading, which allows functions to exhibit different behaviors based on the types involved, is one of the most useful facilities of a typed programming language. In the Haskell programming language, this facility is provided by type classes. Type...
Scientific, Seminar
UCalgary Peripatetic Seminar: Karen Little
April 26, 2024
University of Calgary
Reversible Knitting is a specialized branch of knitting focussed on creating fabric that looks beautiful on both sides, lies flat and doesn’t curl, and has a wonderful hand feel and texture. It is technically intriguing, creatively satisfying, and...
Scientific, Seminar
UCalgary Peripatetic Seminar: Tyler D. P. Brunet
April 10, 2024
University of Calgary
Coalgebraic modal logic is a set of approached to modal semantics that defines frames and models as coalgebras for a functor. This approach has captured the traditional notions of Kripke and Neighbourhood frames, as well as many other types of...
Scientific, Seminar
UCalgary Peripatetic Seminar: Jason Parker
March 22, 2024
University of British Columbia
In this talk, I will report on joint work in progress (with Robin Cockett and Ben MacAdam) on how the additive bundle construction (almost) equips the category Lex of lex categories with a tangent category structure. Let Lex be the category of (small...
Scientific, Seminar
UCalgary Peripatetic Seminar: David Spivak
March 8, 2024
University of Calgary
The category of polynomial functors in one variable and natural transformations between them is incredibly rich, e.g. it has infinitely many monoidal closed structures, including cartesian closure. Its substitution comonoids are categories and the...
Scientific, Public Lecture
The Calgary Math & Philosophy Lectures: David Spivak
March 7, 2024
University of Calgary
Plato and Aristotle stated different conceptions of the good: mathematical order vs. human flourishing. These come together to the extent that mathematics promotes life, that mathematical language enables collectives to make sense of the world and...
Scientific, Workshop
29th Foundational Methods in Computer Science
June 21–26, 2022
University of Calgary
Foundational Methods in Computer Science is an annual workshop that brings together researchers in theoretical computer science and mathematics. Past workshopss have been held at BIRS, Colgate University, Dalhousie University, Mount Allison...


Position Name Email Phone # Office
University of Calgary, Education Coordinator Armando Preciado Babb +1 (403) 220-5277 Education Tower 834
Co-Director Industrial Kristine Bauer +1 (403) 220-7675 MS 578
PIMS UCalgary Site Administrator Melissa Wrubleski (403) 220-5210 Mathematical Sciences 476
PIMS Site Director - University of Calgary Wenyuan Liao +1 (403) 220-3946 Mathematical Sciences 530
Name Position Research Interests Supervisor Year
Gregory Knapp PIMS Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Calgary Number Theory Khoa Dang Nguyen 2023
Cintia Pacchiano PIMS Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Calgary Partial Differential Equations Cristian Rios 2022
Jordan Culp University of Calgary Cell Biology & Anatomy Wilten Nicola 2021
Thomas Theurer University of Calgary Quantum Theory Gilad Gour 2021
Kexue Zhang Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Calgary Systems theory, control Elena Braverman 2020
Sacha Ikonicoff University of Calgary Algebraic operads Kristine Bauer 2020
Hui Huang University of Calgary Partial differential equations Jianniao Qiu 2019
Qing Zhang University of Calgary Number Theory Clifton Cunningham 2018
Aurore Guillevic University of Calgary Discrete logarithm computation in large characteristic finite fields Michael J. Jacobson Jr 2015
Dániel Tamás Soukup University of Calgary Mathematical logic and foundations, combinatorics Claude Laflamme 2015
Ha Nguyen Thanh Tran University of Calgary Number Theory Renate Scheidler 2015
Hoan Bui Dang University of Calgary Quantum Theory Gilad Gour 2015
Khoa Lê University of Calgary Stochastics Deniz Sezer 2015
Bin Xu University of Calgary Number theory, Topological groups, Lie groups Clifton Cunningham 2014