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The Simon Fraser University PIMS site office is located in the Technology and Science Complex (TASC) 2 building on the Burnaby campus of Simon Fraser University (Map).

Simon Fraser University
Scientific, Seminar
PIMS SFU - CSC Seminar: Sebastian Dominguez
February 2, 2018
Simon Fraser University
Skeletal muscle are complex living tissues that can undergo large deformations in short periods of time. Also, it is known that small volumetric changes can occur during contraction. In this presentation we introduce a dynamic nonlinear elastic...
Scientific, Seminar
PIMS - SFU CSC Seminar: Hélène Hivert
February 9, 2018
Simon Fraser University
The run-and-tumble motion of bacteria such as E. Coli can be represented by a kinetic equation considered with an hyperbolic scaling, and a Hopf-Cole transformation that makes the problem become non-linear. It has been proved that the asymptotic...
Scientific, Seminar
UBC/SFU Joint Statistical Seminar
March 24, 2018
Simon Fraser University
The idea of this event is to offer graduate students in Statistics and Actuarial Science with an opportunity to attend a seminar with accessible talks providing them an introduction to active areas of research in the field. For two students from each...
Scientific, Distinguished Lecture
2019 Workshop on Testing Gravity
January 23–26, 2019
Simon Fraser University
Einsteins theory of General Relativity (GR) works remarkably well on Earth and inside our Solar System. However, there remain significant gaps in our understanding of gravity. One is the long- standing quest for a quantum theory of gravity. The other...
Scientific, Seminar
PIMS/CSC Seminar: Vladimir Babeshko
May 25, 2018
Simon Fraser University
Introduction to the block element method, a new mathematical method based on high-level mathematics. The method is applicable to boundary value problems for partial differential equations and their systems. The method includes a number of other...
Scientific, Seminar
SFU Discrete Math Seminar: Sebastian Gonzalez
November 8, 2016
Simon Fraser University
"Cops and Robbers" is a well-known pursuit game played on a graph. There are two players, one controls the cops and the other controls the robber, who take turns moving along edges of the graph. The goal of the cops is to capture the robber, which is...
Scientific, Distinguished Lecture
PIMS - SFU Operations Research Seminar: Jong-Shi Pang
October 4, 2018
Simon Fraser University
The phrase "non-problems" in the title refers to a collection of adjectives that start with the prefix "non". These include "non-convex", "non-differentiable", "non-traditional", "non-trivial", and "non-stochastic gradient" (as a counter to a topical...


Position Name Email Phone # Office
Education Coordinator - Simon Fraser University Joanna Niezen +1 (778) 782 4849 SCK10502
PIMS SFU Site Administrator Kenn Liu +1 (778) 782-6655 Big Data Hub, Rm 10936
PIMS Site Director - Simon Fraser University Razvan Fetecau (778) 782-6655
Name Position Research Interests Supervisor Year
Tareq Uz Zaman PIMS Postdoctoral Fellow, Simon Fraser University Applied Mathmatics & PDE Steven Ruuth 2025
Lucas Villagra Torcomian PIMS-Simons Postdoctoral Fellow, Simon Fraser University Number Theory & Algebraic Geometry Imin Chen 2024
Yanwen Luo PIMS Postdoctoral Fellow, Simon Fraser University Discrete &Computational Geometry Bojan Mohar 2023
Jane Shaw MacDonald PIMS Postdoctoral Fellow, Simon Fraser University Numerical Analysis John Stockie 2022
Amy Wiebe Postdoctoral Researcher Combinatorics Tamon Stephen 2021
Hansol Park Postdoctoral Researcher Partial Differential Equations Razvan Fetecau 2021
Eric Jones SFU Calculus of variations and optimal control David Sivak 2020
Marco Carmosino Postdoctoral Researcher Valentine Kabanets 2019
Shuxing Li Simon Fraser University Combinatorics Jonathan Jedwab 2019
Halyun Jeong University of British Columbia High Dimensional Data Analysis Ben Adcock 2018
Nick Dexter Simon Fraser University Numerical Analysis Ben Adcock 2018
Claire Boyer Statistics Ben Adcock 2016
Mattia Talpo University of British Columbia Algebraic Geometry Nathan Ilten 2016
Simone Brugiapaglia Simon Fraser University Stochastics Ben Adcock 2016
Fiachra John Knox Simon Fraser University Combinatorics Bojan Mohar 2015
Jens Bauch Simon Fraser University Number theory and algebraic geometry Nils Bruin 2015
Julien Courtial Simon Fraser University Combinatorics Marni Mishna 2014
Kui Yu Simon Fraser University Feature selection and probabilistic graphical models on high-dimensional data Jian Pei 2014
Peter Kling Simon Fraser University Computer Science and Combinatorics Petra Berenbrink 2014