Summer School Tropical multiscale convective systems: Theory, modeling, and observations

  • Start Date: 07/30/2007
  • End Date: 08/03/2007

University of Victoria


This event is a 3-day summer school (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) followed by a 2-day workshop (Thursday, Friday). The aim is to bring university researchers in applied math, physics, or meteorology departments working in the area of tropical meteorology together with government lab scientists working on operational weather and climate forecast models to foster interactions between the two communities.
The summer school is intended for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and young researchers in both applied math (with some background in PDEs) and fluid dynamics and/or atmospheric sciences working in the area of tropical meteorology or keen to learn about the subject. The lecturers are specialists in the field and will cover the most important aspects, from the observations, theory, and modeling sides. Lecture topics will range from cloud physics to multiscale organized convective systems (mesoscale through synoptic to planetary scales, including intraseasonal and interannual oscillations), from cloud resolving modeling to general circulation models, from idealized process models to full physics convective parametrizations, and from basic wave theory to multiscale asymptotic models.
The workshop will focus on the state of the art and new research directions in tropical meteorology.

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Atmospheric Convection by Phil Austin (PDF file [.pdf])

Cloud-resolving modeling by Wojciech Grabowski (Powerpoint file [.ppt])

Waves and Instabilities in idealized model convective parametrization by Boualem Khouider (PDF file [.pdf])

Observations of Convectively Coupled Equatorial Waves: Overview by George N. Kiladis (Powerpoint file [.ppt])

Observations of Convectively Coupled Equatorial Waves: Overview by George N. Kiladis (movie file [.avi])

Theory of equatorially trapped wavesTheory of equatorially trapped waves by Andrew J. Majda (PDF file [.pdf])

Parameterization of the effects of Moist Convection in GCMs by Norm McFarlane (Powerpoint file [.ppt])

Meso-convective organization by Mitch Moncrieff (Powerpoint file [.ppt])

The Multiple Scales of El Niño by Cécile Penland (PDF file [.pdf])

An Introduction to GCMs by John Scinocca (Powerpoint file [.ppt])

Cloud Microphysics (in Warm Clouds) by Knut von Salzen (Powerpoint file [.ppt])

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Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, UVic, CCCma