2008 Summer School on Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases at the University of Alberta

  • Start Date: 05/01/2008
  • End Date: 05/11/2008

University of Alberta


We invite you to participate in the 2008 Summer School on Mathematical
Modeling of Infectious Diseases at the University of Alberta. This is
the 4th summer school organized by the MITACS team on Transmission
Dynamics and Spatial Spread of Infectious Diseases: Modelling,
Prediction and Control. The purpose of the summer school is to provide
effective training for collaborative research in infectious diseases
based on mathematical modeling and qualitative analysis. Our goal is to
educate mathematics and statistics students how to address issues of
great importance in disease control and prevention, and to educate
public health students and researchers why and how mathematical and
statistical techniques and tools are useful. It is our hope that the
summer school will prepare students who might wish to work as modelers
in a public health environment, and to help public health people and
mathematical modelers to learn a language in which they can communicate
with one another. The scientific program of the summer school consists
of a variety of formats:

Short Courses These are two 1.5-hour lectures on the following subjects:

  • Mathematical basics
  • Statistical methods for data analysis
  • Basic medical epidemiology
  • Deterministic models
  • Stochastic models
  • Network models

Case Studies These are 1.5-hour lectures that focus on modeling analysis of specific diseases including:

  • Pandemic influenza
  • West-Nile virus
  • Tuberculosis

Public Lectures These are lectures given by distinguished scientists
and mathematical modelers on broader issues related to mathematical
modeling and public health.
Group projects Participants will be working in groups on assigned
research projects. Group projects are an essential part of the School.
They are designed to provide participants with hands-on research
experience and to apply the knowledge they have learned during the
To participate, please register using the online registration form.
Space is limited so we encourage you to apply early. A limited number
of scholarships are available to graduate student participants to
partially offset their travel expenses. Apply online using the
registration form.

Hope to see you in Edmonton.

Other Information: 

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