A unified approach to modelling trajectories

  • Date: 04/19/2007

David Brillinger (University of California, Berkeley)


Simon Fraser University


The talk will concern the employment of stochastic gradient systems in
the modeling and statistical analysis of biological and ecological
processes of moving particles. The work is stimulated by scientific
questions and data sets of the movements of elk and deer (at the
Starkey Experimental Reserve in Oregon), of elephant seals (off the
California coast), of Hawaiian monk seals, and of the soccer ball in a
game. Stochastic models and data analyses will be presented. The models
are motivated by setting down a potential function leading to a
stochastic differential equation. The estimated potential function may
be used for: simple description, summary, comparison, simulation,
prediction, model appraisal, bootstrapping, and employed for estimating
quantities of interest. Explanatories, attractors and repellors, may be
included in the potential function directly.

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10th Anniversary Speaker Series 2007