Overview of a Methodology for Developing and Assessing Simulation Models of Complex Systems

  • Date: 10/02/2006

Craig Aumann (University of Alberta)


University of Alberta


in computer hardware, recent reviews have concluded that such models
have generally not fulfilled their potential for advancing ecological
understanding. This state of
affairs is at least partially the result of little attention being
given to methodological issues for developing simulation models. I will
present a tri-part methodology using examples from previous modeling
work that had the goal of advancing ecological understanding. The first
part of this methodology locates the modeling process in the
context of general research planning and thus emphasizes the process of
synthesis - combining the constituent pieces of knowledge into a
unified description of the entities and processes comprising the system
to be modeled. The second methodological step involves operationalizing
this synthetic description into a model design in which components are
specified over three scalar hierarchical levels. In this specification,
explanations about the

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PIMS-MITACS Mathematical Biology Seminar Series 2006