International Conference of Theoretical and Numerical Fluid Mechanics III

  • Start Date: 08/13/2007
  • End Date: 08/17/2007

University of British Columbia


The International Conference of Theoretical and Numerical Fluid Mechanics
III is being held in honor of Professors Giovanni Paolo Galdi and Rolf
Rannacher, in celebration of their sixtieth birthdays. Reflecting their
interests, it will be an interdisciplinary meeting within the general field
of mathematical and computational fluid dynamics, devoted mainly to
Newtonian and non-Newtonian viscous flow. While promoting a high quality of
mathematical treatment, no area of practical application will be excluded
due to the present intractability of interesting mathematical difficulties.
Thus, there will be lectures on turbulence, blood flow, sedimentation,
fluid structure interaction, flow control, and the dynamical systems
perspective, as well as key issues of the Navier-Stokes theory.

Short courses will be offered by Professors Galdi and Rannacher on the two
days preceding the conference. Professor Rannacher will lecture on
“Numerical methods for the simulation of fluid-structure interaction”.
Professor Galdi will lecture on “Topics in the Mathematical Theory of
Fluid-Solid Interaction”.

Registration is open to the general scientific and engineering community.
All registrants are invited to give poster presentations. Also, all
registrants along with their families are welcome and encouraged to join in
all of our sponsored social events. PIMS has provided special funds for
supporting the travel of graduate students to attend this meeting. Graduate
students wishing such support should apply for it by writing to John
Heywood at