Fifth International Conference on Scientific Computing and Applications

  • Start Date: 05/18/2006
  • End Date: 05/22/2006

University of Alberta


This will be the fifth of a sequence of conferences on Scientific Computing and
Applications held in the Pacific Rim region. All of them have the goal of bringing
together mathematicians, scientists and engineers working in the field
of scientific computing and its applications to solve scientific and industrially
oriented problems and to provide a forum for the participants to meet and
exchange ideas of common interest in an informal atmosphere.

The focus of this particular conference will be on the problems and methods
related to image processing, financial applications and modelling of
multiphase flows.
The goal of the conference is twofold.
The theoretical areas of interest include
fundamental methods and algorithms for solving PDE's and linear systems
of equations. On the other hand, it will try to attract the attention of
the applied community, in particular the oil sands industry, banking
and medical imaging, to present and discuss the applications of scientific
computing to practical problems. The theoretical topics of interest are
(but not limited to): Finite Element, Finite Volume Element and Finite
Volume Methods for partial differential equations, splitting techniques
and stabilized methods, iterative solvers and preconditioning techniques
for large scale systems, methods for systems with a special structure,
parallel algorithms and performance analysis.