Eighth Coast Combinatorics Conference

  • Start Date: 02/24/2007
  • End Date: 02/25/2007

Rick Brewster (Thompson Rivers University); Stephen Finbow (StFX); Gary MacGillivray (UVic)
Laura Yang (University of Alberta)
Aaron Williams (UVic)
Luis Goddyn (SFU)
Wendy Myrvold (UVic)
Tom Brown (SFU)
Gara Pruesse (Malaspina)
Moshe Rosenfeld (U. Washington)
Mohammad Ghebleh (SFU)
Joe Peters (SFU)
Frank Ruskey (UVic)
Art Finbow (St. Mary's)
Petr Lisonek (SFU)
Mark Weston (UVic)
Brett Stevens (Carleton)


University of Victoria


The meeting consists of a sequence of contributed talks of 30-45 minutes in
length. Some speaking slots may still be available. 

Abstracts / Downloads / Reports: 

Saturday morning
9:00 am    Coffee and goodies
9:30 am    Rick Brewster (Thompson Rivers University): Solution to the restricted homomorphism conjecture
10:05 am    Laura Yang (University of Alberta): Postnikov's Identity and its Generalizations
10:40 am    Aaron Williams (UVic): Generating multi-set permutations in a cool way
11:15 am    Luis Goddyn (SFU): Vanishing Bases in Projective Geometries
Lunch: 11:45 to 1:30
Saturday afternoon
1:30 pm    Wendy Myrvold (UVic): Ally and Adversary Reconstruction Numbers
2:05 PM    Tom Brown (SFU): On colorings of the factors of a word
2:40 pm    Gara Pruesse (Malaspina): A new proof for Knuth's old sum
3:05 pm    Break
3:30 pm    Moshe Rosenfeld (U. Washington): Famous and lesser known problems in "elementary" combinatorial geometry
4:30 pm    Mohammad Ghebleh (SFU): Computing the circular chromatic number
Sunday morning
9:00 am    Coffee and goodies
9:30 am    Joe Peters (SFU): Constructing Incremental Sequences in Graphs
10:05 am    Frank Ruskey (UVic): Hamming distance from an irreducible polynomial
10:40 am    Art Finbow (St. Mary's): Remarks on Well-Covered Graphs of Girth 4
11:15 am    Petr Lisonek (SFU): Planar Eulerian triangulations are equivalent to spherical latin bitrades
Lunch: 11:45 to 1:30
Sunday afternoon
1:30 pm    Mark Weston (UVic): Symmetries of Venn Diagrams Embedded on the Sphere
2:05 pm    Brett Stevens (Carleton): Locating and avoiding errors in software testing
2:40 pm    Stephen Finbow (StFX): Open-Open Irredundance
3:15 pm    Gary MacGillivray (UVic): Fractional maximal independent sets in graphs


Please contact Gary MacGillivray (gmacgill AT math DOT uvic DOT ca).