2009 Alberta Topology Seminar Retreat

  • Start Date: 07/27/2009
  • End Date: 07/30/2009

--- George Peschke, Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta; (1)

Homological cycles represented manifolds: Early history; (2) Hodge's Conjecture as a refinement of

Steenrod's cycle representation question plus some status report; (3) Holomorphic cobordism and

its relation to Chow groups. --- Ryan Budney, Mathematics and Statistics, University of Victoria.

Survey on Rene Thom's work on cobordism and homological cycles represented by singular

manifolds (Divided into parts I and II). --- Sadok Kallel, l'UFR de Mathematiques Pures et

Appliquees, University Lille 1. The topology of holomorphic spheres in Grassmannians. --- Peter

Zvengrowski, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary. The Dol'nikov

Theorem, an Interplay of Combinatorics and Homotopy Theory.


Nordegg, Alberta


The Alberta Topology Seminar (ATS) retreat will be held at the Goldeye resort outside Nordegg, AB. 

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