PIMS-Germany Workshop on Discretization of Variational Eigenvalue Problems

  • Start Date: 06/24/2019
  • End Date: 06/26/2019

Heidelberg, Germany


Recent years have seen intense development of discretization schemes for incompressible flow problems in two directions. On the one hand, pairs of discrete spaces with a commuting diagram property for the divergence operator have been developed, with the result that it is now possible to compute actually divergence free solutions with reasonable effort. In particular for high Reynolds number flow, this property is important, since the control of the divergence by the gradient is too weak. Alternatively, penalization of the divergence has been investigated thoroughly with the same goal of achieving better solutions for high Reynolds numbers. On the other hand, replacements for the pressure Poisson problem have been developed, allowing for much faster projection of approximate solutions into the divergence free subspace, in particular with high performance computing in mind. The study of stability of such flows and of critical modes requires the solution of nonsymmetric variational eigenvalue problems. Critical modes are characterized by eigenvalues with small real part, which again may suffer from spurious divergence. In order to approximate such eigenvalues, many flow problems must be solved iteratively, which brings fast solvers back into the game.


The goal of this workshop is convening top researchers in the fields of flow and eigenvalue problems in order to understand the interplay of the interacting components better and to profit from recent research of groups with different focus. Furthermore, its aim is intensifying cooperation between the members of PIMS and universities in Germany with a clear focus on common interest.






Confirmed Participants:

Sebastian Dominguez (SFU)

Christian Engwer (University of Münster)

Joscha Gedicke (University of Vienna) 

Bin Han (Unviersity of Alberta) 

Volker John (WIAS Berlin) 

Guido Kanschat (Heidelberg University 

Alexander Linke (WIAS Berlin)Nilima Nigam (SFU)

Volker Mehrmann(Technical University of Berlin)

Peter Minev (University of Alberta)

Mario Ohlberger (University of Münster) 

Robyn Reid (Portland State University)



University of Heidelberg 



This workshop is part of the PIMS-Germany 2019 Collaborative Workshop Series


Chen Greif (University of British Columbia)

Guido Kanschat (Heidelberg University)

Nilima Nigam (SFU)

Peter Minev (University of Alberta)

Other Information: 


A block of rooms is being held at the Ibis Hotel at Heidelberg train
station. It is a plain but clean hotel, conveniently located for travel and the university. There is contact information on their web page. Please mention "PIMS 2019". 



Participation is by invitation. If you wish to be considered, please email one of the organizers. Limited funding is available for participants from PIMS member universities. If you are a participant from a PIMS member institution, please contact Nilima Nigam (cc to Ruth Situma).