Symposium on Hodge Theory, Arithmetic and Moduli

  • Start Date: 05/13/2019
  • End Date: 05/17/2019

University of British Columbia


The broad themes of this conference are Hodge theory, algebraic cycles and the arithmetic of period integrals. Topics of particular interest are compacti cations of images of period maps, hyperkahler manifolds, Hodge theoretic aspects of moduli spaces, recent progress on regulators and height pairings for higher Chow groups and arithmetic aspects of Calabi-Yau manifolds.


Speaker List:

Donu Arapura, Purdue University

Matthew Ballard, University of South Carolina

Patrick Brosnan, University of Maryland

Mark de Cataldo, Stony Brook University

Humberto Diaz, University of California, Riverside

Patricio Gallardo, Washington University in St Louis

Evangelia Gazaki, University of Michigan

Souvik Goswami, Texas A&M University

François Greer, Stony Brook University

Elham Izadi, University of California, San Diego

Radu Laza, Stony Brook University

Daniel Litt, Institute for Advanced Study

Deepam Patel, Purdue University

Stefan Patrikis, University of Utah

Colleen Robles, Duke University

Christian Schnell, Stony Brook University

Tokio Sasaki, Washington University in St. Louis

Luca Schaffler, University of Massachusetts Amherst


*A list of speakers' abstracts is available in the program below.



Program Schedule:

The program for this event is available for download here


Charles Doran, University of Alberta.

Matilde Lalin, Universite de Montreal

James Lewis, University of Alberta.

Matt Kerr, Washington University in St. Louis.

Gregory Pearlstein, Texas A& M University.

Other Information: 


Earth Science Building; Room 2012 and 1012