PIMS - SFU CS Seminar: Brian Wetton

  • Date: 03/02/2018
  • Time: 15:00
Brian Wetton, UBC

Simon Fraser University


Modelling Lithium Ion Batteries


I am working with colleagues on several projects modelling Lithium Ion batteries. Experimental results are fit to simple models of performance and ``State of Health”, a vaguely defined measure of the change of battery characteristics with use and age. This project is a collaboration with a local company, JTT electronics. Opening the hood of a battery reveals an interesting mix of multi-scale and multi-phase transport. Recent progress on categorizing models in the literature based on an asymptotic parameter, and computational approaches to the resulting structure, will be shown. All projects are ``work in progress”. Collaborators include Arman Bonakdarpour, Bhushan Gopaluni, Matt Hennessey, David Kong, Iain Moyles, and Tim Myers.

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Location: Room K9509