PIMS-CSC Seminar: Simone Brugiapaglia

  • Date: 09/30/2016
  • Time: 15:00
Simone Brugiapaglia, Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University


Sparse Approximation of PDEs based on Compressed Sensing


We present the CORSING (COmpRessed SolvING) method for the numerical approximation of PDEs. Establishing an analogy between the bilinear form associated with the weak formulation of a PDE and the signal acquisition process, CORSING combines the classical Petrov-Galerkin method with compressed sensing.

Considering the advection-diffusion-reaction equation of fluid dynamics as a case study, we discuss some numerical examples in MATLAB and analyze the method from a theoretical perspective, discussing recovery error estimates in expectation and in probability.

This work is in collaboration with Fabio Nobile (EPFL, Switzerland), Stefano Micheletti (MOX - Politecnico di Milano, Italy) and Simona Perotto (MOX - Politecnico di Milano, Italy).

Other Information: 

Location: Room K9509