2016 Seminaire de Mathematiques Superieures: Dynamics of Biological Systems

  • Start Date: 05/30/2016
  • End Date: 06/11/2016

Réka Albert (Pennsylvania State University)
Henri Berestycki (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales)
Chris Cosner (University of Miami)
Gerda de Vries (University of Alberta)
Zhilan Feng (Purdue University)
Marty Golubitsky (Ohio State University)
Michael Li (University of Alberta)
Yuan Lou (Ohio State University)
Philip Maini (University of Oxford)
Benoit Perthame (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)

Hong Qian (University of Washington)

Jianhong Wu (York University)


University of Alberta


The purpose of this summer school is to focus on the interplay of dynamical and biological systems, developing the rich connectionbetween science and mathematics that has been so successful to date. Our focus will be on understanding the mathematical structure of dynamical systems that come from biological problems, and then relating the mathematical structures back to the biology to provide scientific insight. We will focus on five key areas: complex bio-networks, multi scale biological dynamics, biological waves, nonlinear dynamics of pattern formation, and disease dynamics. For each of the five key areas, we will invite 2-3 world leaders who are also excellent communicators to deliver a series of 2-4 one-hour lectures. We expect an average of eight hours of lecture per subject area, spread over approximately two weeks.



Lecture Topics 

• Biological waves and invasions

• Complex bio-networks

• Disease dynamics

• Multi scale biological dynamics

• Nonlinear dynamics of pattern formation


Recommended Prerequisite

An introductory graduate-level course on the theory of dynamical systems.  No biological pre-requisites are needed, but students must be willing to learn new biology as needed. 









Mark Lewis (University of Alberta)
Thomas Hillen (University of Alberta)
Yingfei Yi (University of Alberta)

Other Information: 
Application Process

Applications for the Summer School are now closed. Successful applicants will be contacted  soon by the organizers on the next steps to complete their registration. 







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