Combinatorial Applications to Biology, Chemistry and Physics

  • Date: 06/21/2014

University of Saskatchewan


The conference/minisymposia will bring together researchers with a common interest in combinatorial modelling of natural phenomena in biology, chemistry and physics. Areas of application will include: models of DNA/RNA, phase transitions, material science and quantum field theory. Combinatorial approaches include: integral and functional equation methods, applied topology, applied probability, Monte Carlo and random generation schemes. Speakers will reflect a mixture of expertise: some focussed more on the mathematical and computational tools while others focussed more on the applications. This cross-fertilization at the interface between discrete mathematics and the natural sciences will inspire improvements in the models and their analysis.

Abstracts / Downloads / Reports:

Marni Mishna (SFU), Andrew Rechnitzer (UBC), Chris Soteros (USaskatchewan), Karen Yeats (SFU)

Other Information: 

This is a satellite conference to CAIMS 2014


This workshop is supported by PIMS CRG: Applied Combinatorics (2014-2017)


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