CSC-PIMS Seminar: David Bryant

  • Date: 04/11/2014
  • Time: 14:30
David Bryant, University of Otago, NZ

Simon Fraser University


Next Generation Sequence Analysis Using Last Generation's Mathematics

We recently published a method for analyzing large scale genetic data from multiple individuals in multiple species or populations. The method can be used to infer evolutionary relationships between species, populations sizes and divergence times. Even so, the users are not happy. They want bigger, faster, and more complex models.

I will introduce the method and the models behind it, then talk about some of the challenges we are facing. In particular I'll talk about how 30-40 year old genetics paper are proving a source of useful tricks for speeding up these large scale computations.

This is joint work with Colin Fox, Matt Parry, and SFU alumni Gordon Hiscott.
Other Information: 
Location: TASC-2, Rm 8500, Simon Fraser University
David Bryant is a PIMS SFU site visitor from March 25- April 30, 2014

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