PIMS Symplectic Geometry Seminar: Hans-Christian Herbig

  • Date: 02/26/2014
  • Time: 11:00
Hans-Christian Herbig (Charles University, Prague)

University of British Columbia


On the Poisson geometry of symplectic quotients.


Given a finite dimensional unitary representation of a compact Lie group G one constructs the so-called symplectic quotient. This is given by the space of G-orbits in the zero fibre of the moment map. The symplectic quotient is stratified by symplectic manifolds and can be understood as a semi-algebraic set. We will present results related to the isomorphism problem of symplectic quotients. In particular, we will be concerned with the question when a symplectic quotient is symplectomorphic to a finite unitary quotient.

Other Information: 

Location: ESB 4133