IAM-PIMS Distinguished Colloquium: Russel Caflisch - CANCELLED

  • Date: 02/03/2014
  • Time: 15:00
Prof. Russel Caflisch:  Director of Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics, UCLA, Los Angeles

University of British Columbia


From PDEs to Information Science and Back


N.B. This event has been cancelled as the speaker will be unable to attend.


The arrival of massive amounts of data from imaging, sensors, computation and the internet brought with it significant challenges for information science. New methods for analysis and manipulation of big data have come from many scientific disciplines. The first focus of this presentation is the application of ideas from PDEs, such as variational principles and numerical diffusion, to image and data analysis. Examples include denoising, segmentation, inpainting and texture extraction for images. The second focus is the development of new ideas in information science, such as wavelets, soft-thresholding, sparsity and compressed sensing. The subsequent application of these ideas to PDEs and numerical computation is the third focus of this talk. Examples include wavelet analysis for turbulent flows, the use of soft-thresholding in computation of PDEs with multi-scale features, and the construction of ?compressed modes? (modes that are compactly supported in space) for density functional theory and other PDEs that come from variational principles.


Russel Caflisch is a Professor in the Mathematics Department at UCLA and has a joint appointment in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. He received his PhD from the Courant Institute at New York University in 1978 and has also held faculty positions at Stanford and NYU. He is currently the director of the Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics (IPAM), and the Editor-In-Chief for the journal Multiscale Modeling and Simulation. He was a Sloan Foundation Research Fellow, and a fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, the American Mathematical Society, and the American Academy of the Arts and Sciences. Caflisch?s expertise includes a wide range of topics in applied mathematics, including PDEs, fluid dynamics, plasma physics, materials science, Monte Carlo methods, and computational finance.

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Location: LSK 460