PIMS Distingished Speaker: Wolfram Bentz

  • Date: 09/19/2013
Wolfram Bentz, University of Lisbon

University of Northern British Columbia


Duality, the ghost element method, and an application to supernilpotent algebras

Natural dualities, such as Stone duality, are useful because they allow one to translate algebraic questions into the potentially simpler and usually more intuitive setting of a topological structure.
Dualities are also tricky, in the sense that it takes a fair amount of initial work to grasp the concept of a duality in its full generality.
Fortunately, there exist various established methods that allow one to obtain results without having to review the complete underlying theory. In this talk I will give a background on the ghost element method, which is used to show the non-dualizibility of an algebra. We will also present a recent result by P. Mayr and the author who used the ghost element method to show that any super-nilpotent non-abelian algebra cannot be dualized.
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Location: Room 6-307 (UNBC Conference Centre)