Mathematical Congress of the Americas

  • Start Date: 08/05/2013
  • End Date: 08/09/2013

JamesArthur ok James Arthur (Toronto, Canada)

arturavila Artur Avila (IMPA, Brazil and CNRS, France)

Manjul Bhargava Manjul Bhargava (Princeton, USA)

Luis Caffarelli Luis Caffarelli (Texas, USA)

Ingrid Daubechies Ingrid Daubechies (Duke, USA)


Guanajuato, Mexico


The inaugural Mathematical Congress of the Americas (MCA) will take place in Guanajuato, Mexico, August 5-9, 2013.


The goal of the Congress is to highlight the excellence of mathematical achievements in the Americas within the context of the international arena, and foster collaborations among researchers, students, institutions and mathematical societies in the Americas.

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