Recent advances in Hodge theory: period domains, algebraic cycles, and arithmetic

  • Start Date: 06/10/2013
  • End Date: 06/20/2013
Confirmed speakers include:

D. Arapura, P. Brosnan, H. Carayol, J. Carlson, H. Gangl, W. Goldring, M. Green, P. Griffiths, R. Hain, L. Katzarkov, B. Klingler, R. Laza, B. Moonen, C. Robles, M. Saito, W. Schmid, C. Schnell, T. Terasoma, B. Totaro, S. Usui, V. Vologodsky, J. Walcher, H. Yoshida and  S. Zucker.  The summer school will include lectures by the organizers and other participants.

University of British Columbia


Each day will focus on a single major theme:

1) Algebraic cycles and the Hodge Conjecture

2) Arithmetic aspects of cycles and period maps

3) Period domains and their compactifications

4) Mumford-Tate groups and representation theory

5) Automorphic forms and automorphic cohomology

6) Relative Completion of \pi_1




In its simplest form, Hodge theory is the study of periods - integrals of algebraic differential forms which arise in the study of complex geometry, number theory and physics. Its difficulty and richness arises in part from the non-algebraicity of these integrals. According to the beautiful conjectures of Hodge, Bloch and Beilinson, what algebraic structure they have should be explained by (generalized) algebraic cycles. There has been much recent progress on these conjectures and on classifying spaces for periods, as well as their asymptotic and arithmetic; this conference will bring together leading scholars and students of these topics.


Given that our desire is to create a number of new collaborations, we would aim at a small number of high-quality talks per day with ample breaks between each. In addition to bringing together leading scholars on the different aspects of the asymptotic, symmetries, and arithmetic of periods together for a research conference, the organizers will also arrange for a prior workshop for graduate students and recent Ph.D.'s on major themes of the conference. We expect this expository part to run approximately 4 days, with lectures by the organizers and some of the invited speakers.



A four-day summer school for graduate students and postdocs, followed by a six-day research conference on the asymptotics, symmetries, and arithmetic of periods, as well as related representation theory and geometry.



Schedule and notes for the summer school are available here 


Conference schedule is available here


There will be a conference dinner on the last day of the conference in honour of James Lewis (Optional and self paid):Thursday June 21. Chutney Villa South Indian Cuisine:147 Broadway (at about Main). Tel:  604-872-2228.Time: 6pm 


James D. Lewis, University of Alberta


Matt Kerr, Washington University


Gregory Pearlstein, Michigan State University


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