Pacific Northwest Numerical Analysis Seminar 2012

  • Date: 10/27/2012
1. Uri Ascher, Professor, University of British Colombia, Canada (PIMS)
2. Ray A. Berry, Senior Scientist, Idaho National Laboratory, USA
3. Ed Beuler, Associate Professor, University of Alaska, Fair Banks, USA
4. Somantika Datta, Assistant Professor, University of Idaho
5. Lisa Davis, Associate Professor, Montana State University, USA
6. Aaron Fogelson, Professor, University of Utah, USA
7. Grady Lemoine, Graduate Student, University of Washington, USA (PIMS)
8. Kristyn Maschhoff, Senior Technical Manager, Cray Inc., Seattle.

Boise State University


The Pacific Northwest Numerical Analysis seminar (PNWNAS), now in its 25th year, seeks to bring together researchers from universities, government research labs, and industry from the Pacific Northwest to share expertise in both pure and applied aspects of numerical analysis and computational mathematics.

This year, Boise State University, in Boise, Idaho will host PNWNAS on October 27, 2012. The organization for this event is already well underway and includes eight speakers from a broad range of areas involving (1) interfaces with the biological, medical and mathematical sciences; (2) energy sustainability (3) challenges of “big-data”; and (4) the development of cyberinfrastructure. Additionally, we will have speakers whose work involves more basic research in the analysis and implementation of novel computational methods.


Donna Calhoun (Chair), Grady Wright (Co-Chair), Jodi Mead (Co-Chair):Department of Mathematics, Boise State University

Other Information: 

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