17th Coast Combinatorics Conference and "BC Combinatorics Day"

  • Date: 10/20/2012
Andrew King, Simon Fraser
Getting to the point of Reed's Conjecture: How local can you go?
Matt DeVos, Simon Fraser
Sets with very small product
Vasu Tewari, UBC
Computation of certain Kronecker coefficients
Padraic Bartlett, CalTech
Completions of $\leq \epsilon$-Dense Partial Latin Squares
Mark Schurch, Victoria
Edge Colourings and the Depression of a Graph
Colin Garnett, Victoria
The Nilpotent-Centralizer Method and its Applications
Luis Goddyn, Simon Fraser
Classification of Toroidal Triangulations with one Vertex of Degree Greater than Six
Daryl Funk,     Simon Fraser
Unique graph representations of frame matroids
Branko Grunbaum, Washington
A chaotic generation of regular polygons
Pei-Lan Yen, Simon Fraser
Hankel determinants of sums of consecutive weighted Schröder numbers

University of Victoria

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Location:University of Victoria , Clearihue Building, Room A127



Please confirm attendance by emailing Gary MacGillivray:  gmacgill@UVic.ca