PIMS/UBC Distinguished Lecture: Robert McCann

  • Date: 08/22/2012
  • Time: 15:00

Robert McCann


Robert McCann has been a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Toronto since 1998.


He grew up in Windsor Ontario, and studied engineering and physics at Queen's University before completing his doctorate in mathematics at Princeton in 1994. In the subsequent years, McCann has emerged as a leading figure in the development of the theory of optimal transportation. His work balances very pure contributions to deep mathematics with the discovery of new applications to image processing, atmospheric circulation patterns, and to optimizing economic decisions.


Before accepting a position at the University of Toronto, McCann was Tamarkin Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.


His past awards include an American Mathematical Society Centennial Fellowship, the Monroe Martin Prize in Applied Mathematics, and the Coxeter-James Prize of the Canadian Mathematical Society. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Journal of Mathematics.



University of British Columbia


Optimal transportation with capacity constraints
(the work with Jonathan Korman)


The classical problem of optimal transportation can be formulated as a linear optimization problem on a convex domain: among all joint measures with fixed marginals find the optimal one, where optimality is measured against a given cost function. Here we consider a variation of this problem by imposing an upper bound constraining the joint measures, namely: among all joint measures with fixed marginals and dominated by a fixed measure, find the optimal one.  After computing illustrative examples, we given conditions guaranteeing uniqueness of the optimizer and initiate a study of its properties. Based on a preprint arXived with Jonathan Korman.

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Location: WMAX 110