Algebraic Geometry Seminar: Aravind Asok

  • Date: 02/20/2012
  • Time: 15:10

Aravind Asok, University of Southern California


University of British Columbia


Classifying vector bundles on smooth affine varieties





If X is a finite CW complex of small dimension, information about the homotopy groups of unitary groups can be translated into cohomological classification results for complex vector bundles on X. I will explain how A^1-homotopy theory can be used in an analogous fashion in the classification of vector bundles of on smooth affine varieties of small dimension. In particular, I will explain some joint work (in progress) with J. Fasel which shows how to give a complete classification of vector bundles on smooth affine 3-folds over certain fields. No knowledge of A^1-homotopy theory will be assumed.


3:10-4:10pm in WMAX 110

Other Information: 

Location: WMAX 110


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