PIMS/AMI Seminar: Brendan Pass

  • Date: 11/25/2011
  • Time: 15:00
Brendan Pass

University of Alberta


An overview of optimal transport and applications


Abstract Optimal transport is the problem of transporting one distribution of mass to another as efficiently as possible, where efficiency is measured relative to a prescribed cost function. Originally posed by Gaspard Monge in 1781, this natural problem has evolved into a thriving research area, with deep connections to nonlinear PDEs, geometry and probability, and numerous applications in fields such as economics, fluid mechanics, image processing and meteorology, to name just a few. In this talk, I will give a general overview of basic optimal transport theory and outline some applications.

Other Information: 

Location: CAB 657


For more information please visit http://www.math.ualberta.ca/~xinweiyu/AMI_Current.html.