Hyperplane arrangements and applications

  • Start Date: 08/08/2011
  • End Date: 08/12/2011

Alejandro Adem (U. of British Columbia)

Kazuhiko Aomoto (U. of Nagoya)

Christos Athanasiadis (U. of Athens)

Ryan Budney (U. of Victoria)

James Carrell (U. of British Columbia)

Daniel Cohen (Louisiana State U.)

Joseph Kung (U. of North Texas)

Gus Lehrer (U. of Sydney)

Anatoly Libgober (U. of Illinois - Chicago)

David Mond (U. of Warwick)

Yasuhide Numata (U. of Tokyo)

Richard Randell (U. of Iowa)

Kyoji Saito (IPMU, Tokyo)

Mario Salvetti (Universita’ di Pisa)

Richard Stanley (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Mathias Schulze (Oklahoma State U.)

Akimichi Takemura (U. of Tokyo)


University of British Columbia


combinatorics, algebraic topology, algebraic geometry, and applications


This conference in held in honour of Hiroaki Terao.


The goal of this conference is to examine the current status of research in hypergeometric integrals, differential forms and derivations on divisors, as well as hyperplane arrangements
in general. The latter includes, more generally, work on reflection groups and cohomology jumping loci, with an emphasis on the influence of developments in these areas on a larger spectrum of mathematics. Correspondingly, the scope of the conference is intended to have a relatively broad appeal for both experts and graduate students. Following Hiroaki Terao’s example as a remarkable teacher and mentor the lectures will be one hour, allowing plenty of time for introduction and accessibility for graduate students. Throughout Terao’s career, being a professor in Japan and the US, he has worked towards uniting cultures through mathematics and disseminating it to a wide audience. He has published three books in English, two books in Japanese, over fifty refereed research papers, and over twenty high school and college level math magazine articles. Recently he has worked towards uniting and supporting mathematics research efforts of Pacific Rim countries. He is a representative of the Pacific Rim Mathematical Association, Mathematical Society of Japan Science Committee member, and a program officer for the Research Center for Science Systems of the Japan Society for Promotion of Science.


Abstracts / Downloads / Reports: 

Location: MATH 100


Please see attached .pdf schedule in Abstracts/Downloads/Reports heading above.


Abe, Takuro - Kyoto University

Falk, Michael - Northern Arizona University

Wakefield, Max - US Naval Academy

Yoshinaga, Masahiko - Kyoto University

Yuzvinsky, Sergey - University of Oregon


Scientific committee:

Adem, Alejandro - University of British Columbia

Denham, Graham - University of Western Ontario

Kohno, Toshitake - University of Tokyo

Orlik, Peter - University of Wisconsin

Schenck, Hal - University of Illinois

Suciu, Alex - Northeastern University

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