Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics Seminar: Joel Feldman

  • Date: 02/15/2011
  • Time: 15:30
Joel Feldman

University of Saskatchewan


Towards the Construction of Bosonic Many-body Models


Bosonic many-body models are an important class of mathematical models
that are used to study gases of bosonic particles at very low
temperatures. I will introduce

(i) the physical systems,

(ii) one way Physicists formulate the models in question,

(iii) why the models are expected to exhibit some very interesting behaviour,

(iv) why the models can be expected to be very difficult to deal with mathematically rigorously, and

(v) the first steps in a programme to construct the models mathematically rigorously.

This is joint work with Tadeusz Balaban of Rutgers University and Horst Knoerrer and Eugene Trubowitz of the ETH-Zurich.

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