32nd Annual Alberta Statisticians Meeting (ASM)

  • Date: 10/16/2010

University of Alberta


The ASM is the principal annual statistics research meeting held in the province of Alberta.


Conference participants primarily consist of the faculty members, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows working in probability and statistics, and related areas, at the University of Alberta and at the University of Calgary. Participants, though fewer in number, may also come from SAIT, NAIT, Mount Royal College, University of Lethbridge, etc. Statisticians from the public sector (e.g., hospitals and cancer centres) and the private sector have also been known to attend this meeting in past years, and probably will do so again this year. Attendance at the meeting fluctuates from year to year, but we might expect about 40-50 people at the meeting (this is perhaps a little higher than in some recent years, due to a recent influx of graduate students in statistics).


This meeting serves many purposes. It allows faculty and graduate students working in probability and statistics at different universities in Alberta to interact, make contacts, and discuss their research. It serves as a training vehicle for highly qualified people (HQP) working in probability and statistics. It affords statisticians working in the private and non-academic public sector an opportunity to discuss their problems with academic researchers. It affords graduate students an opportunity to present their work and themselves to possible future employers.


Tentative Schedules:


12:30-13:30: Registration and welcome

13:30-15:30: Talks (3 or 4) by speakers from the University of Calgary

15:30-16:00: Coffee break

16:00-18:00: Talks (3 or 4) by speakers from the University of Alberta

18:00-20:30: Conference dinner


David P.M. Scollnik (University of Calgary)