UW Inverse Problems and Partial Differential Equations Summer School 2010

  • Start Date: 06/28/2010
  • End Date: 07/16/2010

University of Washington


A three-week summer school giving advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students the opportunity to study with the University of Washington's integrated Inverse Problems/PDE group. Students will attend lectures in the morning and problem sessions in small groups with mentors in the afternoon. Advance your career by learning from experts in these fields while visiting Seattle during summer 2010, when the Pacific Northwest is at its best.



The Radon transform and the X-Ray Transform (Gunther Uhlmann, Peter Kuchment).
This course will describe in detail the essential properties of these
transforms including inversion formulas. The X-ray transform is one of
the basic inverse problems, which consists of determining the density
of tissue by measuring the attenuation of X-rays passing through the
body. The inverse problem for the Radon transform consists of
determining a function from integrals along planes. Students will also
work on Matlab programs implementing the filtered backprojection
algorithm which is commonly used in CT scans. Problem sessions and
computer labs will be scheduled during the afternoon.


Orthogonal Bases and Multiscale Analysis (Hart Smith)
This course will discuss the use of different orthogonal bases used in
the representation of functions in 1 and 2 dimensions, and the role
they play in signal and image compression. Emphasis will be placed on
the discrete case to keep the presentation elementary. Lectures will be
accompanied by assignments using Matlab. Topics will include: the
Euclidean and discrete Fourier transform bases, the Fast Fourier
Transform algorithm, the Haar basis, the local cosine transform and the
JPEG algorithm, and an overview of wavelet theory.

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Financial Support


A limited amount of financial support is available for graduate students who study in Canada . Please send a short justification of your request to
the PIMS Deputy Director, Prof. G. M. "Bud" Homsy (bud@pims.math.ca).



Your justification should include the following:


1. Letter of support: (please ask your advisor to send a short letter of support, indicating that they approve of your attending the conference)


2. Research interests: (please provide a one paragraph summary of your current research and a one paragraph explanation as to why you are interested in attending the summer school)


3. Cost estimate: (provide an itemized estimate of your travel expenses)


The deadline for receipt of these materials is April 1, 2010. We will contact you with our decision very shortly thereafter.