Western Algebraic Geometry Symposium

  • Start Date: 05/01/2010
  • End Date: 05/02/2010

Aravind Asok, USC
Amin Gholampour, Caltech
Mark Gross, San Diego
Joel Kamnitzer, Toronto
Massimillano Mella, Ferrara
Sam Payne, Stanford


University of British Columbia


The Western Algebraic Geometry Symposium traces its origins back to the Utah-UCLA Algebraic Geometry Seminar started in 1989 by H. Clemens, D. Gieseker, M. Green, J. Kollár, R. Lazarsfeld, Z. Ran and M.-C. Chang. Later on, it became the Utah-UCLA-Chicago Algebraic Geometry Seminar. Sadly, as senior figures moved east, the original WAGS faded away.


In 2002, WAGS was resurrected. Our goal is to have a twice-yearly meeting of algebraic geometers in the western half of the United States and Canada, with ample time for chatting, as well as a good number of research talks. The conference has been consistently attracting over 50 participants.

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Local organizers:
Jim Carrell and
Kai Behrend.

Other Information: 

For further information, please visit the official webpages at http://www.wagsymposium.org/ and http://spring10.wagsymposium.org/