PIMS Awarded $6.25 Million in Funding From NSERC for 2014-2019

  • Date: 07/23/2014

The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) is pleased to announce the renewal of its funding by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) for the period 2014-19. PIMS will receive a total of $6.25 million over that period, to fund its multiple scientific, training and industrial activities throughout Western Canada, which include the support of conferences, workshops and lecture series, funding Collaborative Research Groups and hosting postdoctoral fellows and distinguished visitors. This funding will also provide dedicated support for the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute (CANSSI), the Atlantic Association for Research in the Mathematical Sciences (AARMS) and the establishment of a national institute innovation platform in the mathematical sciences.
Alejandro Adem, Director of PIMS, noted, "This is wonderful news for the mathematical scientists in Western Canada. The excellence of our programs was recognized by this grant and awarded in a highly competitive environment. The amount awarded represents an approximate 14% increase in NSERC funding for our institute over the next five years. I would like to thank all of my colleagues in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Washington State for their excellent ongoing contributions to PIMS, which are the reason for our success in renewing and increasing our funding. In addition I am extremely grateful for the generous and crucial support from PIMS member universities.''

About PIMS:
PIMS is a consortium established in 1996 by the main research universities in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Washington State. The PIMS mandate is to promote excellent research and applications of the mathematical sciences, to facilitate the training of highly qualified personnel, to enrich public awareness of and education in mathematics and to create partnerships with similar organizations around the world. Further information is available at www.pims.math.ca.