2017 Graduate Math Modelling in Industry Workshop

  • Start Date: 07/31/2017
  • End Date: 08/05/2017

University of Manitoba


The Graduate Math Modelling in Industry Workshop is designed to provided graduate students in the mathematical sciences, and qualified advanced undergraduates, with training and first-hand experience in industrial research. This one week event in Winnipeg will focus on team work to tackle specific projects in mathematical and statistical modelling of industrial process, with an emphasis on the development of young researchers.


This year's workshop is a joint project of Le Centre de recherches mathématiques, the Fields Institute, and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, and funded through NSERC's support of the Institutes Innovation Platform. Students participating in the graduate modelling workshop are encouraged to apply for the 2017 Industrial Problem Solving Workshop in Montreal, scheduled for the following week of August 7-11.




Workshop Schedule 


The event will start with a meet and greet on the evening of Sunday, July 30th. The workshop starts first thing on the morning of Monday, July 31st, and will conclude on the afternoon of Saturday, August 5th.


Short courses on mathematical modelling and use of scientific software for calculation and simulation will be held throughout the week, with a focus on applying to specific problems that arise in industrial settings. Team work on the problems and group interaction will to take place throughout the week. A wrap up on Saturday will include presentations of the work performed by each team.



Interested in attending?


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  • Michael Lamoureux
  • Odile Marcotte
  • Tom Salisbury
  • Kirill Kopotun
Other Information: 

Problems and short courses:



1.  Reconciling potential and effective air travel data

Julien Arino - University of Manitoba
2.  Modelling cell signalling pathways Marine Jacquier - University of Manitoba
3.  Modelling a quantum spin network Sarah Polsker - Brandon University
4.  Modelling the organization of the cytoskeleton Stephanie Portet - University of Manitoba
5.  Financial Risk Forecasting A. Thavaneswaran & A. Paseka - Univeristy of Manitoba

 Please see the complete project descriptions (PDF)



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