11th PIMS Industrial Problem Solving Workshop

  • Start Date: 06/11/2007
  • End Date: 06/15/2007

University of Alberta


"Connecting Industry to Solutions"


Final list of Projects

  • Cross Cancer Institute, Edmonton, Dr. Jack Tuszynski:
    "Optimization of Drug Structure for Protein Targets Using Molecular
    Morphology Characterization."
  • SinoVeda, Edmonton, Dr. Y.K. Tam: "Optimization of Multi-Drug Composition for the Most Efficacious Action."
  • Urban
    Green Partnership, Philladelphia, Mark Sciumeca: "How to model
    consumption of a populous at a per dwelling level based on inputs
    received from public sources and incentivised individual voluntary
  • Syncrude, Edmonton, Mohammed Aziz Rahman: "3-D Analytical Solution of Air/Water Two-Phase Bubbly Flows."
    (US Smokeless Tobacco Company and Alberta Smokeless Tobacco Education),
    Edmonton, Drs. Carl Phillips and Karyn Heather: "The two core
    statistical/mathematical challenges in epidemiology."
  • Invidi, Edmonton, Dr. Dave Ballantyne: "Probabilistic Assessment of Television Viewer Demographics."
  • Canadian
    Parks and Wilderness Society, Jack Teng: "How does landscape management
    affect the infection risk to zoonotic diseases?"

Robert Piche (robert.piche@tut.fi)
Sean Bohun (Sean.Bohun@uoit.ca) only IPSW
Christina Cobbold (cc@maths.gla.ac.uk)
Chris Bose (cbose@math.uvic.ca) only IPSW
Abba Gumel (gumelab@cc.umanitoba.ca) (epidemiology) only GIMMC
Henry van Roessel (henry.vanroessel@ualberta.ca) U Alberta
Warren L. Hare (whare@irmacs.sfu.ca) (optimization)
Thomas Hillen

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