Past Events at the University of Washington

The University of Washington PIMS site office is located in the Department of Mathematics at (Padleford building) the University of Washington (Map | Contact).


Past Events

  • 20-Nov-06

Feature Selection through Lasso: model selection consistency and the BLasso algorithm

Information technology advances are making data collection possible in most if not all fields of science and engineering and beyond. Statistics as a scientific discipline is challenged and enriched by the new opportunities resulted from these high   more››

Scientific Event

  • 12-Oct-06
  • 23-Oct-06

Northwest Probability Seminar

Northwest Probability Seminars are one-day mini-conferences held at the University of Washington and organized in collaboration with the Oregon State University, the University of Brit   more››

Scientific Event

  • 6-Sep-06
  • 9-Sep-06

Stability and instability of nonlinear waves

Stability plays an essential role in many branches of science and engineering, including several aspects of fluid mechanics, high-speed transmission of information, and feasibility of MHD fusion devices. The objective of the workshop is to g   more››

Scientific Event

  • 7-Aug-06
  • 11-Aug-06

International Conference on Stochastic Analysis and its Applications

The main topics of the conference will be: Stochastic analysis and its applications Markov processes, including jump type processes and measure-valued processes Dirichlet forms Analysis on fractals and percolation clusters These areas are strong   more››

Scientific Event