Past Events at the University of Calgary

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Past Events

  • 22-Feb-12

Quantum Information Seminar Series

Viv Kendon: Robust cluster state generation using ancilla-based systems  Robert Scholten: Quantum measurement in living cells, and hihg-coherence electron bunches from cold atoms   more››

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  • 16-Feb-12

West End Number Theory Seminar: Paul Buckingham

On the existence of local Weil groups, following Serre   more››

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  • 8-Feb-12

Quantum Information Seminar Series: Ksenia Dolgaleva

Manipulating Optical Properties by Local-Field Effects and Nanostructuring   more››

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  • 2-Feb-12

West End Number Theory Seminar: Clifton Cunningham

Introduction to class field theory, continued   more››

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  • 26-Jan-12

West End Number Theory Seminar: Clifton Cunningham

Introduction to class field theory   more››

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  • 25-Jan-12

Quantum Information Seminar Series: Mohammad Amin

Robustness of adiabatic quantum computation against decoherence   more››

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  • 24-Jan-12

Alan Turing Centenary 2012: Lecture by Dr. Richard Zach, University of Calgary

Alan Turing and the Decision Problem   more››

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  • 16-Jan-12

Quantum Information Seminar: Sophie Schrimer, Swansea University

Quantum System Identification: Hamiltonian tomography and decoherence estimation from noisy time series data   more››

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  • 22-Dec-11

Quantum Information Seminar Series: Ramis Movassagh

Density of States of Quantum Spin Systems   more››

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  • 21-Dec-11

Quantum Information Seminar Series: Si-Hui Tan

Measuring Quantum Correlations with Imperfect Photoncounters   more››

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  • 8-Dec-11

West End Number Theory Seminar: David Roe

The local langlands correspondence for tamely ramified groups   more››

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  • 7-Dec-11

IQIS Quantum Institute Seminar: Shengjun Wu

What can we know from weak measurements?   more››

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  • 29-Nov-11

Quantum Institute Seminar: Urbasi Sinha

Triple slits, Born Rule and beyond....   more››

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  • 9-Nov-11

Quantum Institute Seminar: Shmuel Friedland

The global and local additivity problems in quantum information theory   more››

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  • 4-Nov-11

PIMS Voyageur Colloquium presents: On some modular representations of GL(2)

On some modular representations of GL(2)   more››

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  • 27-Oct-11

West End Number Theory Seminar: Ce Bian

Computing GL (3) automorphic forms   more››

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  • 26-Oct-11

IQIS Quantum Institute Seminar: Lindsay LeBlanc

Measuring the Hall effect for ultracold atoms in a synthetic magnetic field   more››

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  • 22-Oct-11

33rd Annual Alberta Statisticians' Meeting (ASM)

Please consult the attachement   more››

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  • 17-Aug-11

Quantum Institute Seminar: Aram Harrow

The princess and the EPR pair   more››

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  • 20-Jul-11

Quantum Institute Seminar: Fernando Brandao

Is it entangled? A quasi-polynomial time algorithm for the quantum separability problem.   more››

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