PIMS - University of Calgary

The University of Calgary PIMS site office is located in the Mathematical Sciences Building at the University of Calgary (Map | Contact).


Current Events

  • 3-May-18
  • 4-May-18
  • 10-May-18

Abelian Varieties Multi-Site Seminar Series: Andrew Booker

Sato-Tale groups and automorphy for nongeneric genus 2 curves [video]   more››

Scientific Event

  • 17-May-18

PIMS | UCalgary Distinguished Lecture: Tamás Terlaky

Big Data Analytics and Operations Research: The Inmate Assignment and Scheduling Problem and its Application in the PA Department of Corrections   more››

Scientific Event

  • 19-Jul-18
  • 21-Jul-18
  • 19-Aug-18
  • 24-Aug-18