Who wants to be a mathematician?

  • Date: 10/21/2010

University of British Columbia


In the American Mathematical Society (AMS) game Who Wants to Be a Mathematician?, high school students compete for cash and prizes by answering multiple choice mathematics questions. The cash prize in each game is donated by the AMS. Other prize donors are Texas Instruments, Maplesoft and John Wiley. The game is a program of the AMS Public Awareness Office and is being held in Canada (Vancouver) for the first time. Over sixty BC high schools are participating; the finalists will hold the contest in an auditorium at UBC, surrounded by their teachers and classmates.


Contestants were selected based on their scores on a qualifying test with questions on algebra, trigonometry, probability, and math history, which was administered by
local secondary school math teachers.


Who Wants to Be a Mathematician-Fun to the nth power!


The AMS began Who Wants to Be a Mathematician in 2001 and has been held at universities and science centers from Boston to Hawaii. This is its first appearance in Canada. In the contest's history, nearly 500 students have won more than $200,000 (US) in cash and prizes and have been cheered on by nearly 20,000 classmates.



Ivy Huang, West Point Grey Academy

Mingxi He, Richmond Christian Secondary

Kathleen Lieuson, Carver Christian High

Larry Liu, Point Grey Mini

Andy Lee, St. George's School

Susan Sun, West Vancouver Secondary

Andrew Xu, Point Grey Secondary

Ye Jin Yi, UBC Transition School

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Math Talk: 10:00am-11:00am

Competition: 11:00am-12:00pm


Frederic Wood Theatre, 6354 Crescent Road, Vancouver, BC

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