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The University of Saskatchewan PIMS site office is located in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (Maclean Building) at the University of Saskatchewan (Map).

PIMS University of Saskatchewan
Industrial, Summer School
Math2PowerQuantum: Quantum Computing Summer School
May 29–30, 2024
University of Saskatchewan
The Math2Power Quantum summer school on quantum computing will be held across 2 days (May 29 and 30) in the lead up to the CMS Summer Meeting and is aimed at helping students in the mathematical sciences learn - through a combination of lectures and...
Scientific, Seminar
USask PIMS Geometry and Physics (GAP) Seminar: Yuly Billig
January 11, 2024
University of Saskatchewan
AV-modules are representations of Lie algebra V of vector fields that admit a compatible action of the commutative algebra A of functions. This notion is a natural generalization of D-modules. In this talk we shall start by reviewing the theory of AV...
Scientific, Seminar
USask PIMS Geometry and Physics (GAP) Seminar: Casey Blacker
November 22, 2023
University of Saskatchewan
A symplectic Hamiltonian manifold consists of a Lie group action on a symplectic manifold, together with the additional structure of a moment map, which encodes the group action in terms of the assignment of Hamiltonian vector fields. In special...
Scientific, Seminar
USask PIMS Geometry and Physics (GAP) Seminar: Abid Ali
October 12, 2023
University of Saskatchewan
The question of integrality for semi-simple algebraic groups over the field of rational numbers was esablished by Chevalley in the 1950s as part of his work on associating affine group schemes with groups over integers. For infinite-dimensional Kac...


Position Name Email Phone # Office
PIMS Site Director - University of Saskatchewan Chris Soteros +1 (306) 966-6118 McLean Hall 217
Education Coordinator - University of Saskatchewan Gary Au +1 (306) 966-6103 McLean Hall 239
Site Administrator - University of Saskatchewan Kyla Denton +1 (306) 966-6125 McLean Hall 142
Name Position Research Interests Supervisor Year
Benjamin Anderson-Sackaney PIMS-Simons Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Saskatchewan Group Theory & Generalizations Ebrahim Samei 2023
Matthew Rupert PIMS Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Saskatchewan Associative Rings and Algebras Steven Rayan 2022
Puttipong Pongtanapaisan Postdoctoral Researcher Manifolds and Cell Complexes Chris Soteros 2021
Kazuki Ikeda University of Saskatchewan High Energy Physics, Mathematical Physics Steven Rayan 2020
Sebastian Dominguez SFU Numerical Analysis &High Performace Computing Raymond Spiteri 2020
Alessandro Malusà University of Saskatchewan Geometry Steven Rayan 2018
Varvara Shepelska University of Saskatchewan Functional Analysis Ebrahim Samei 2016
Xiangke Chang University of Saskatchewan Numerical Analysis Jacek Szmigielski 2015
Alexander Bihlo University of British Columbia Group analysis of differential and difference equations Alexei Shevyakov 2014
Nicholas Beaton University of Saskatchewan Combinatorics Chris Soteros 2014