PIMS Postdoctoral Colloquium 3

  • Date: 02/27/2009
  • Time: 13:30
Hamid Usefi, UBC

University of British Columbia


Isomorphism problem for group algebras and enveloping algebras



Time and Date: 1:30 p.m., Friday, February 27, 2009


Event: PIMS/WMAX Postdoctoral Colloquium


Subject: ``Isomorphism problem for group algebras and enveloping algebras''


Location: WMAX 216


Abstract: The celebrated work of Roggenkamp & Scott and Weiss implies that every finite nilpotent group is determined by its integral group ring. The (still open) modular isomorphism problem (MIP) asks whether a
finite p-group G is determined by its modular group algebra FG. Although open for more than 50 years, no serious progress is made about MIP. In this talk, I will review these problems and their connections with the isomorphism problem for enveloping algebras of Lie algebras.

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Postdoctoral Colloquium