New singular solutions of the Nonlinear Schrodinger equation (NLS)c

  • Date: 01/23/2007

Gadi Fibich (Tel Aviv University)


University of British Columbia


The study of singular solutions of the NLS goes back to the 1960s, with
applications in nonlinear optics and, more recently, in BEC. Until
recently, the only known singular solutions had a self-similar
'peak-type' profile that approaches a delta function near the
singularity. In this talk I will present new families of singular
solutions of the NLS that collapse with a self-similar ring profile,
and whose blowup rate is different from the one of the 'old' singular
solutions. I will also show, both theoretically and experimentally,
that these new blowup profiles are attractors for large super-Gaussian
initial conditions.

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DG-MP-PDE Seminar 2007