Hardy's Uncertainty Principle for Lie Groups

  • Date: 03/14/2007

hard Kaniuth (University of Paderborn)


University of Alberta


A classical theorem due to Hardy says that a non-zero measurable
function on the real line and irs Fourier transform cannot both have
very strong exponential decay. Hardy's theorem also holds for Rn,
and during the past ten years there has been much effort to prove
Hardy-like theorems for various classes of connected Lie groups.
Specifically, analogues of Hardy's theorem have been established for
motion groups, non-compact connected semisimple Lie groups with finite
centre and simply connected nilpotent Lie groups. The talk will survey
these results and finally focus on recent work on non-simply connected
nilpotent Lie groups.

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PIMS Distinguished Chair Lectures 2007