Culler-Shalen (semi-)norms

  • Date: 02/08/2007

Gabriel Indurskis (University of British Columbia)


University of British Columbia


Let M be a 3-manifold with boundary consisting of one torus. I will
show how Culler and Shalen defined a norm on the (real) Dehn-surgery
space R2=H_1(partial M; R) associated to the canonical component of the
character variety of M. I will then show how this was generalized by
Boyer and Zhang to a semi-norm for other components in the character
variety. I will then discuss properties of this (semi-)norm, in
particular its relationship to the so-called A-polynomial. I also will
discuss some important results regarding exceptional fillings of
hyperbolic manifolds which were proven using this machinery.

Other Information: 

Algebraic Topology Seminar 2007